Engineering Services

Measuring services

With a strong focus on quality control and technological optimization of composite curing processes we provide integrated solutions for evaluation of processes and tools. Therefore we use our flexible software CuringDesk for automated process data analysis.

In addition we provide specialized field measurements for:

  • thermo-profiles
  • heat transfer
  • air flow
  • temperature uniformity

The application of our measurement equipment in your production allows detailed knowledge of the process. This provides the basis for sustainable improvement.

Engineering support

We offer support over the full life cycle of your composite application:

  • review of design and certification documents
  • auditing of composite manufacturers
  • definition of purchase specifications
  • setup of inspection and test plans (ITP)
  • performance of manufacturing surveillance
  • on-site or ex works customer acceptance
  • assessment of damages and repair plans

This service is based on the hands-on experience of our composite experts.


We are excited to get to know your challenges in the field of composite manufacturing!